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Students can listen and follow along as books are read aloud.

Social Services offer from ESSB

Young Family

Monitoring Screen Time

Over exposure to information can be very upsetting and impact your child’s ability to cope. Take the time to discuss how not everything on social media and the Internet is always accurate information.  Return to the above noted reliable sources to focus on information gathering. Remember, information designed for adults can increase anxiety and concern in children.  So monitor your child’s use and your own!

Learn to Read
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Home Theater Family

Additional Support 

Book a session with one of our ESSB resource teachers if you would like to understand how to make ‘accommodations’ or ‘modifications’ for your child with any level or form of a learning disability or academic struggles they may be experiencing. Contact Sandy in Complementary Services with your request and so that a best-fit can be referred. 






  • My child is struggling while reading, how can I help?

  • My child was recently evaluated by a Speech and Language Pathologist and I would like help putting some of their interventions into place.

  • My child can’t seem to focus for very long, can you give me some tricks?

  • My child refuses to do work, how can I encourage him/her and facilitate the process? 

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