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Cooking , art, activities

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Math, Science, Social Studies activities for all ages.

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Articles and activities related to world news.

Indigenous Studies

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Podcasts on residential schools: First Nations, Metis & Inuit experiences

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Art & short stories by indigenous artists and writers.

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Various documentaries about Indigenous peoples, geography, social organization etc.

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Interactive maps showing different Indegineous territories, languages and treaties.

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An animated film following the last days of Chanie Wenjack as he tried to escape residential school.

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Collection of Indigenous made films. 

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Collection of documentaries focused on Indigenous issues and culture.

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Indigenous short documentaries.

Native Drums

Free access to digital textbooks in French and in English. 

Holding a stone
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Weekly activities for kids of all ages to learn outside.

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 Developed for Grades K through 12, this weekly lesson package includes interactive and experiential curriculum-based resources, materials and lesson plans with an emphasis on well-being, social and emotional learning, service-learning and fostering resiliency

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Math, Science, Social Studies activities for all ages.

Kids in the Museum
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Podcasts for kids. Various topics and ages!

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Reading, writing, podcasts, games and more for all ages.

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Learning through videos. Several subject areas and all levels in English & French.

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Media literacy topics for all ages. Parent resources and information as well.

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Educational platform offering documentaries and videos on numerous subjects including, math, social studies etc.

Environmental actions to do at home.

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Children Cleaning Beach
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